They took your voice and destroyed your city. They left you with the Transistor, impaled in the corpse of someone...familiar. Do you make a run for it or do you take your revenge? The Camerata are waiting. See you in the country...

Parts: 10 (Completed)

The dredge are coming and nothing can stop them. The only thing you can do is run, but that's not easy with hundreds of people in tow. On the other end of the world another group fights their way to their capital in hopes of stemming the tide. Can they all survive?

Parts: 11 (Ongoing? I'd like to finish it, but requires a lot of very quiet time.)

Hawke and friends go on adventures and just try to make it through life. Will you fall in love with the tiny, naive elf girl? The gorgeous and deadly rogue? Why not both? Just try not to get into too much trouble with the guards, yeah? 

Parts: 12 (Retired)

Travel through the eras of action RPGs, from 8 bit to modern day, as you embark on your quest to defeat the ultimate evil. You even get an airship, so really it’s The Legend of Final Fantasy.

Parts: 7 (Completed)

You’re an asshole hunter who get’s turned into a deer. Live your life, survive and avoid other hunters as you try to redeem yourself and become human again. Maybe.
Parts: 4 (Retired. It's just...really boring.)

Embark on your vision quest, your year walk to see the future and find out if the woman you love will ever love you back. The problem is, will you lose your mind to the horrors of the forest?
Parts: 9 (Completed)

Rhys and Fiona, the unreliable narrators of our tale. Follow them on their adventure of greed, revenge, deception and lot’s of gunfire. Get your finger guns ready for Pandora.

Parts: 17 (Completed)

Your father is gone, your mother is hospitalized. Something strange is happening to you in this hospital.

Parts: 12 (Retired)

Mando can’t remember anything, but that doesn’t stop him from being a government appointed killer. Something on the moon seems to be manipulating events, and is tied to him. Can he unravel what it is while also fulfilling his contracts? Yes. And very stylishly.

Parts: 15 (Completed)

A trip to see an old friend. Maybe it’ll help this depression. The train ride isn’t that far, is it?

Parts: 4 (Completed)

A hella rad girl in a hella weird school with a hella weird set of teachers and a hella mysterious conspiracy and with a hella rad crush on a hella cute girl with hella blue hair. Oh and you have hella cool time travel powers. Hella.

Parts: 9 (Retired)

A little girl on a storybook adventure to find her teddy, again.

Parts: 3 (Retired? Some day I'll finish it. Maybe.)

You're the new nighttime guard for a company. You aren't quite sure what they do, something with technology. Strange things happen at night, but are they nightmares, or something worse?

Parts: 2 (Retired. We just...didn't find it interesting after the first bit.)

You destroyed the future by accidentally changing the past. Fight through hordes of mutants and monsters as you try to correct your mistake. Also there's a gun with controllable bullets.

Parts: 13 (Completed)

A threat from the deep of the sea rises and you go on a journey to fulfill your destiny and stop it.

Parts: 7 (Retired)

One last delivery before shop closes up for good. Some furniture needs delivered but the only directions you can find tell you to travel the Zero. You have no idea where that is.

Parts: 19 (Ongoing. Currently awaiting Act 5)

A writer taking a vacation with his wife in a small coastal town. The first night she disappears and he's hounded by a black spirit possessing the town. Grab your flashlight, your Energizer batteries, your Verizon phone, and get ready for...horror? (Full disclosure I hate this game above all others.)

Parts: 22 (Completed)

A dying man's final wish is to go to the moon. If you help him, the memories of his life will be altered it worth it?

Parts: 5 (Retired? Will probably finish at some point.)

Your car is stolen and you're left for dead. Fight your way back to the top and claim your revenge, begrudgingly helping the factions around the wastes along your way.

Parts: 21 (Completed)

The world has been reclaimed by the earth, overgrown and green. Robots litter the land, hostile to any organic life they find. Help Trip find her way back to her family, and beyond.

Parts: 2 (Retired. Will bring back if I can ever fix the issues with the PC port.)

Warrior of light, fight back against the dark. Also do like eight million odd jobs and side quests, join a faction and fight literal primal life forms. Y’know, all in a day’s work.

Parts: 8 (Retired because I'm poor.)

An estranged friend is kidnapped and a sentient AI is the only witness. Unravel the mystery behind the massive corporation that looms over Neo SF and the conspiracy that could have deadly consequences.

Parts: 15 (Completed)

You died. Not in glory but by being dragged deep underwater after your ship wrecks. You wake up, given another chance to prove yourself and enter Valhalla. Hunt the Jotun.

Parts: 6 (Ongoing? If I can ever beat the last boss.)

Your journey from your home in the metros of post-apocalyptic Russia to deliver a message will bring you to the bring of the world ending, again.

Parts: 14  (Completed)

The bombs fall, you’re put into cryogenic stasis with your family. Your child is stolen and your spouse murdered. Head into the wasteland to find them and get your revenge. Or don’t and just roam the waste doing odd jobs and killing giant mosquitoes.

Parts: 55 (Completed)

You fall. You awake. You’re on a bed of flowers, deep underground. One of them speaks. It teaches you the way of things here. It’s kill or be killed. Or you could always just make friends with everyone you meet like a decent person.

Parts: 8 (Completed)