This is the story of a man with a very strange fate.

Parts: 6 (Completed)

A convict given the task of ending the hordes of hellspawn that are invading the world. If you succeed your crimes will be forgiven.

Parts: 6 (Retired)

Your life is in shambles so you take a job as a forest fire watcher in the Wyoming wilderness, but something sinister seems to be happening as well. Can you figure it out before it's too late?

Parts: 7 (Completed)

A small child's mind is a strange place. An abused small child with guilt and trauma is even stranger.

Parts: 21 (Retired)

Carpets this thick!

Parts: 3 (Retired)


Parts: 9 (Completed)

success or humanity?

Parts: 4 (Completed)

You awake with no memories, a talking sword by your side and an incredibly annoying flying furball screeching at you. Time to go on an adventure to figure out who you are.  

Parts: 8 (Ongoing)

Pile it on.

Parts: 12 (Completed)

Run the shadows.

Parts: 6 (Ongoing)

A writer, trapped in a nightmare of his own creation.

Parts: 10 (Completed)

Prepare for Titanfall.

Parts: 13 (Completed)

Let's take a trip.

Parts: 4 (Completed)

Fly with me.

Parts: 16 (Completed)

Hack the world.

Parts: 34 (Completed)