Notes on Hell, Demons, Creation, and Monsters in Dead. (Patreon Repost)

So I've been working on Dead again and found some of my old notes for it. I'm still not sure on what Dead will be in the end, but it'll be something.

-Hell is opulent.

-The Prime, first creation, is at the center, hidden.

-Three faced demon is the unknowing king, Lucifer imprisoned.

-Demons are former angels; some still hold to their "duty" to heaven and some have abandoned the pretense and mutilate themselves to be more demonic.

-Lucifer and his host left heaven when the Prime was banished to the plane that hell was built in; they view the Prime as their heavenly duty, even if God abandoned it.

-The three faced demon uses his control of death and army of lesser demons to control hell, outnumbering and overwhelming the comparatively small host of true demons.

-Lesser demons are the mutilated and tortured souls of humans that have been banished to hell by God.

-Controlling death allows the three faced demon to harm the true demons.

-The three faced demon is a true demon that wants to go back to heaven even if it means going to war.

-Hell is as close an approximation to heaven as they could build, but without Grace or the Song.

-The Song is the bond shared by all angelic beings.

-Grace is the presence of God.

-Humans were created perfect, but were corrupted over time by the Prime.

-The Prime's corruption means that God cannot directly interact with the material universe. -Humans and lesser angels were created as guards of The Prime.

-Lesser angels have become the monsters of the world, eventually evolution changed them further.

-The Prime is a flawed attempt by God to create another God, sealed away after God realized their mistake.

-The Prime is nearly equal to God.



Animal with a long tail used for maneuvering and two powerful front legs with flat, bladelike claws used for digging and cutting. Oozes a light absorbing gel that it uses to create nests in caves, luring in prey and cutting off the entrance keeping them in complete darkness. Sees through a combination of echolocation and thermal patterns; cannot see light.


Created from the corpse of someone obsessed with revenge, usually dying a violent death. The corpse reanimates with all memories related to its target, as well as memories of its death, but nothing else. If it manages to kill its target it enters a rage state, its body rapidly growing parasitic "muscle" and chitin. It gains a tail, extremely long and sharp claws, its tongue grows to a grotesque length. It will attack any living thing in its path until put down.


Concocted by a "scientist" only known as Smith, ratligators are a hybrid of alligators and rats. Fur covers relatively tough scales, its eyes are built for night vision as well as under water. Its sense of smell is lacking, as is its hearing. Its teeth are a mix of the fangs of a rat and larger teeth built for crushing. Its tail is mostly fur-less, covered in pink-ish scales, its legs are short and powerful, its feet built for swimming.


A witch or warlock that has been risen from the dead. Similar to a lich, it possesses extremely potent magic, though it is under complete control of another magic user, having no sentience of its own. Appearance depends on the freshness of the corpse.


Beings, typically made of an inorganic material such as rock or metal, they are also, more rarely, made of flesh or wood. They are extremely strong and durable, though slow and large. They have no sentience of their own, as with a Mancer, they are controlled through a spell, typically sealed into a small gem somewhere inside their body. On extremely rare occasions Constructs have been known to have human consciousnesses bound into them. Such abominations rarely live long, typically committing suicide in some form shortly after realizing what they are. There have been two exceptions to this, two Constructs with bound consciousnesses that were willingly made. Neither of them have been sighted in nearly 50 years. (Kleine is a unique construct being that she was unwillingly created but has not broken down, instead seemingly having embraced what she is.)


Items An item of some sort, be it a doll, skull, piece of jewelry, ect. A person coming in contact with the item will immediately be possessed, usually going through a physically traumatic transformation. (e.g. The ram skull found in Egypt that caused the victim to grow bone spurs on their forehead[calcium being moved from other parts of the body] that took the shape of horns, their feet harden and split into hooves and fur to rapidly grow from their body. Usually killing them in the process.) Typical possession can only be ended through complete destruction of the victim or item.


Possibly demons or a construct, Maws are almost literally walking mouths. Gigantic mouths bisect their torsos, mouths open on their hands and shoulders. They can consume anything from flesh to nuclear materials. Their digestive system almost instantly breaks down and processes whatever material it eats, leaving no waste but also never sating its hunger. Usually living in caves deep underground, they sometimes surface to find new materials to eat.


Technically parasites, they feed on not only human blood but flesh as well. Contrary to folklore the only ways to kill a vampire are by decapitation or burning it to ash then salting. Healing is not instantaneous, taking anywhere from minutes to weeks depending on the severity of the wound. They do not have human-like teeth, instead all but their molars have been replaced with canines, designed specifically for tearing through flesh. They need high amounts of protein daily, cannot process the fibers in plants and blood seems to replace water in their bodies. Their eyes are red instead of white, irises typically unseen due to constantly dilated pupils. Sunlight itself doesn't hurt them, but any bright light source can easily blind them. They are typically stronger and more muscular than the average person due to the high protein diet.


An amphibious life form, found mostly in the coastal areas of New York and the sewers of NYC. They are normally peaceful, though can be aggressive during mating seasons. Near sentient intelligence, they build crude homes and dams with tools and have known to hunt with weapons on occasion. They have pustules along the back and sides of their necks that burst if attacked. The pustules are filled with a highly corrosive acid that can eat through most materials.


Typically hive mind in nature, swarms can range from small insects to large mammals. Another form is a possession swarm. A single entity, demon or spirit, posses a large group of small beings, usually insects, and uses them as a single body.


Base creature is leech-like with two appendages around its mouth. It latches onto its host, injecting a numbing agent and burrowing under their skin. It takes control of the central nervous system slowly so the host doesn't notice. When it has near full control it stops the host’s heart, causing a seeming cardiac arrest. After the host’s brain dies completely it consumes it, replacing it with itself and taking complete control of the body. It lays eggs in small sacs in the host body’s mouth, giving it the ability to spread its young to other hosts through bites. Infection can take anywhere from 24 hours to 1 month, depending on the size, age and physical fitness of the host.

The Tree Blood

Trees are found typically in the forests near abandoned villages and towns. They stand tall and thick, usually towering over other trees in the forest. Their trunks are a strange mass of twisting shapes, similar to a collection of bodies intertwined. The tree produces a blood-red fruit that has no real distinct shape. Inside it is a mass of spongy pulp and various fluids.

The Blood Tree is made of the collected bodies of anyone who comes in contact with the fluids in the fruit, typically brought to a new area by a curious hiker or someone collecting food. After it infects a human, the virus contained in the fruit will start to eat away at the infected’s brain, causing delusions, dementia, paranoia and insomnia.

In the time between the initial infection and its final stages the infected become somewhat like drones, their paranoia and dementia will attack any non-infected to either infect or protect the other infected in the area.

After enough humans are infected they will typically leave their homes and make their way into the nearest wooded area. The second stage of infection is the slow conversion of the infected’s musculature and skin into a wood-like substance, leading to complete petrification of the infected within a week. During this time the infected’s brain is typically so far damaged that the virus can move in and replace basic motor functions, guiding the infected to gather together and intertwine, forming the new Blood Tree as they petrify. The fruit is made when the tree pushes the organs and remaining human matter through its “veins” and into sacs along its branches.


Death is not a living being. Death is more an obelisk. Something worshiped by the reapers as their god and creator. It constantly generates a list of names, broadcasting it into it’s world, the reapers being able to hear it. Even they weren’t positive that the list of names was originally meant for those about to die, but over time even that doubt was lost. As existence grew, the list of names came faster and faster. From gods to viruses, if it was a living existence it had to come to an end eventually, and the Reapers of Death brought about that end. 


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