Some VERY old Dead (Patreon Repost)

That one is from 2010. It was the first thing I drew after I'd come up with Jack, Clem and Victoria. The rest of the cast didn't exist and the story was completely different.

Page Blah.jpg

That was the entire page, I never finished it, lol. Trivia: the last panel? is actually a photo from my home town that I drew over.

Page 01 test.jpg

This was a little while later. Sometime in 2011. Still only Clem, Jack and Victoria existed. Vicky has always been anxious.

DEAD Cover - Jack and Clem.jpg

The original cover. I spent forever on that thing and goddamn does it look like shit now. I don't hate the composition though.

Page 01.png

This was later 2011 I think? After I'd decided how Jack was going to die. I'm still gonna use this scene I think.

Page 03.png

Who needs to draw action? BIG LETTERS!

I also don't exactly hate everything about this page either. I mean it looks like shit but some of the angles are decent. What happened to me?

Page 04.0.png

Okay I really need to work this design into current Clem honestly cause I still really dig it. I don't mind this cover.

GODS I remember doing that fucking book page. Also Gabby, please, don't do close ups on faces you can't draw them right.

Alright I don't hate those first three panels. I actually conveyed movement for once. And her arm exploding is kinda cool. Huh...might have to use this stuff again.

Page 07.jpg

I remember I was living in Texas when I drew this. I remember specifically waiting for Doctor Who to come on while I finished up the lightning. Huh, weird.

So yeah that's a trip down memory lane. Maybe I can find some old files for Hunted at some point too.


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