They Keep Coming

Here's some more I got edited, hopefully I'll have the rest by Monday but between work and everything I'm not 100% sure.

There's the last two of the base game of The Surge, a couple episodes of MGSV, which there are 7 already recorded, and another new nightly series called Bedtime and Booze, which I'll be playing Mon-Fri night as a kinda opposite to Coffee and Cultivation.

The Surge - Made A Choice [Part 27] 

The Surge - The End [Part 28] 

V's Has Come To: MGSV - Wake up! [Part 1] 

V's Has Come To: MGSV - Ahab and Ishmael [Part 2] 

Bedtime and Booze [Night 1]

Bedtime and Booze [Night 2] 

Bedtime and Booze [Night 3] 

Bedtime and Booze [Night 4]