Fly (Patreon Repost)

A tall, dark skinned woman stood over her for a moment before kneeling down, "Gracie? My name is Joanna, I'll be your your new teacher."

The small girl didn't look up from her model plane, "Okay."

The woman tilted her head a bit, "Are you okay, Gracie?"

She nodded, silently moving the model back and forth on the floor, ignoring everything else around her.

Joanna moved slightly to be in a better line of sight, she watched the child for a few moments. "Do you like planes?"

Grace nodded, her red mane flipping into her eyes. "Yeah."

Joanna gently brushed the hair away and rested her hand over the girl's. "Do you want to learn how to fly?"

She stopped moving, slowly looking up toward the teacher. "Yeah."

Joanna gave her a huge grin, "Then we should get started." 


Trans woman who does stuff all over the internet.