Practical Medicine (Patreon Repost)

“You should really take better care of yourself, ma’am,” he said, attempting to distract her from the forceps buried in the hole in her leg. “Getting shot at and stabbed nearly weekly is quite hazardous to your health.”

He'd already cleaned and dressed the rest of her wounds, already having removed three other bullets from her before working on the one in her thigh.

She clenched her teeth and winced, doing her best to keep her leg still. They’d run out of anesthetic a few days prior and she'd rather not wait to have the bullet taken out. “I’ll let the next guy know that gettin’ shot at I'd against doctor's orders and to please stop.” She said through clenched teeth.

He gave her a huff and pulled the bullet out, well most of it anyway. “Well ma’am, I've got some bad news for you.”

She didn't reply, just stared at him expectantly.

“Well, this is probably going to hurt a lot more now.” He said as he reached for a scalpel.