The Last of Them (and some updates)

Quantum Break - Time is a Flat Circle [Part 1]

Quantum Break - We Broke It [Part 2]

Quantum Break - Bad Decisions [Part 3]

Mafia 3 - The Opera [Part 25]

So this batch is smaller than I originally thought because I had to schedule this weekend's WoW episodes, and so then posting the ones that aren't scheduled would be weird because it'd skip 2 episodes so they're just gonna stay where they are, but know that there were also 5 episodes of WoW as well here.

Also might as well share a little behind the scenes stuff. I'm a fucking disorganized mess of a human being. Like, the only thing I don't regularly lose are my keys and my wallet, and that's only because I don't take them out of my pockets.

So to combat this I've started a little spreadsheet in Docs and have started scheduling every video and podcast I'm going to produce so I know when they have to be up by and stuff and can keep track of what's posted and what isn't. Mostly this is inspired by the fact that I somehow didn't post 3 episodes of Wolf2 and then they went up in the wrong order and stuff.

Also this kinda shows the production schedule I'm spinning up and HOPING to maintain, plus some extra stuff I can't do quite yet. It's gonna be wild, honestly.

Other than that I'm moving on Monday, unless something falls through at the last minute so that'll be nice. I'll finally have a space to just kinda work as much as I want without interruptions or anything and I can start building it out into a studio, and it also means I'll be more consistent with not missing days and stuff.

Anyway, it's 9am I'm gonna get some sleep. Or probably go record. I'm gonna go record. Night.


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