13 - Dogout 4

Minor Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas spoilers in the episode.

Bytes - 

Oculus rift will cost $1,500 if you don’t have a pretty decent PC already. Two things out of this; one, the PC they specced was about $1200, which means the Oculus will probably be around $300 and two, I’ll never be getting an Oculus Rift.

Bravely Default’s sequel Bravely Seconds is going to be coming to the US next year and that means it’s time for everyone who doesn’t have a DS to go out and get one. If you’re into really well done JRPGs that is.

WildStar is finally going free to play this September, surprising no one, and making quite a few people upset...as usual. Though, this looks like it could breathe some new life into a very, very dead game.

No, the Nintendo NX will not be Android based, as per the rumors a bit earlier from the Wall Street Journal. Probably just a prototype that was running Android that’ll never see the light of day and has been tossed in a bin somewhere by now.

Rooster Teeth’s The Know somehow thought it was a good idea to report on their “anonymous source” telling them that Microsoft was attempting to buy Silent Hills (the now cancelled game that never happened) from Konami for literal billions of dollars. It has since been flat out denied, which honestly, who thought for a moment that anyone would buy a single game for billions of dollars? A game that no one knows anything about, that had what was essentially a gorgeous, scary as fuck tech demo only.

2k Games announced X-Com 2 and it’s beautiful. Well, we don’t really know how it looks, we just have confirmation that it’s being developed and so far only for PC. Oh, and a CG trailer full of drones, aliens, a guy with a sword and apparently sneaple. November can’t come soon enough.

Steam announced a very nice refund policy for games bought through its service. Any game can be returned within 14 days of purchase as long as you haven’t played two hours or more. This is FAR better than their previous policy of “fuck you”.

And of course, it’s not like we couldn’t talk about this today. The biggest thing to happen on a June 3rd in a while. Fallout 4 is confirmed and it is glorious. There’s a few things we can pick out from the trailer, like it takes place in Boston, it may have something to do with a pre-war character being cryogenically frozen, tech is more common than previous games, there’s an airship and there’s of course, a dog. 100% down with everything in this and I will be glued to my computer during Bethesda’s E3 press conference.

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Gabby: Waves, OTTTD, DMC, Singularity, GW2, Warframe

Eli: Oceanhorn, Warframe, Flight Rising

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