So I realized I never really wrote anything about Clem, which is weird cause she's secretly maybe my favourite of the SSB cast? She's the first canon trans character I've ever had, which took up until last year for me to even confirm with myself. So, let's talk about her for a bit. This is gonna get NSFW.


That's the first image of her from back in 2009? She's definitely gone thought a ton of changes. Originally she was going to be obsessed with music and photography and her camera is how she saw spirits and stuff. It was a whole thing.

The other picture is from a few months later, after I'd come up with Kleine and was supposed to be both of them but I never finished it.


Years later I still really love the lightning in this, maybe I'll redraw it or something soon. This was from mid 2009 I believe. This was when the possession thing starting coming together, that's pretty much the one plot point that's carried forward for her now.


There was a time when I thought of having her gain control over a few different elementals and she'd change her hair colour and style depending on which one she was embodying. 

Blending Version.jpg

This was a collab with a former friend on some design work. 2010 or 2011 I think?


I drew these fairly close together, maybe 6 months apart. I'd decided that she should be heavier and wanted to change up some other things. Though I like the old hair more than the rework. 


And her current version. She's changed a whole ton and I wanted to really convey her job with her clothes so she has the pocket stitched to her shoulder for her notebook. Her clothes are comfortable but still sliiiiiiightly better than just a t-shirt or something so she can add a little class.

As for body stuff I figured that she'd have gone through a lot of experimentation while coming out and exploring herself. I still want to change her up a bit more, add tattoos and piercings and I seem to have turned off one of the layers when I saved this because she definitely had self harm scars on her legs at one point. 

Clem is a very mentally unstable kid. She had to deal with the loss of her mother when she was a child, add that in with some fairly severe anxiety and low level but constant depression and you have the recipe for a trans girl who get's into some messed up stuff and really doesn't like herself much.

Between her mother's death and her late teens she started practicing basic magic, leading into witchcraft, then blood magic. (I'll have an entire thing on how magic works later on.) Eventually she stopped after a very bad blunder with a summoning ritual that ended up nearly killing her and trashing her dad's bar. After a month in the hospital she recovered and gave up on magic, coming back to work at the bar.

These days she spends her time mixing drinks and threatening assholes with a baseball bat she keeps under the bar. Jack won't let her have a gun, no matter how often she asks.


Okay, so onto my personal stuff with this character. She's my first openly trans character, which is weird for a trans person, y'know? There's a lot of weirdness in the community around characters and sexualization of those characters (Clem fucks, okay? Honestly there'll probably be side story smut for SSB.) and it makes it uncomfortable to have characters built around things you'd like to see in media. I'm still a bit unsure of exactly what I'd like to do with my characters and stuff so having Clem just exist as she is is kinda a big step for me.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'm gonna go finish up some other stuff, have a nice night everyone.


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