SSB Preview (Patreon Repost)

Hey so I'm working on turning what used to be Dead into Second Street Blues. I'm writing everything from near scratch, using the old notes and stuff I have from Dead and I quickly recorded this little bit from what I've written today.

This is super bare bones (there's not even music) but with the final version of each episode I'd like to do something more akin to what I did with the last episode of The Hunted that went up (I literally have the next one written and I'm just waiting for a day I have the silence to record for a long period of time) and have a bunch of sound effects and music in it.

I just wanted to post this here for y'all to hear and give me any feedback. I'm going to be workshopping the voices I use for everyone (the cast is big, 11 main characters...) so this definitely isn't final.