A Short Love Lett-Review of Penny Arcade's: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 (Originally Posted September 12, 2012)

’m going to preface this by saying I haven’t finished the game yet, I’m only halfway through. That being said...

Everyone go on Steam and buy this game if you want to be transported back a decade and a half to a land of 16-bit graphics and music. Really, it’s magical.

The combat in the game is satisfying, and of course familiar. The classes are ridiculously fun to mess around with and level even if you’re not using them. With classes like Crabromancer, Slacker (With the power to...uh...hang out.) or the Diva (With the power to help yourself and hurt your allies.) or the Masochist (With the power to hurt your enemies and yourself.) and quite a number of others I’m not going to list, there’s a ton of combinations.

I’m about three hours into the game and so far I’ve unlocked the ability to have three classes on each character, which makes for an interesting list of abilities for each one. I keep Gabe usually with Brute, Cardboard Tube Samurai and Dinosaurcerer (You can turn into a fucking Velociraptor, it’s amazing) and mix up the different casting classes between Jim and Tycho.

Okay, okay, I need to not ramble about the game and give an actual review. So, here goes. The combat is solid, the music is a complete throwback, the writing is absolutely superb (And for fans of the comic you’ll be treated to constant references). Honestly, I could rant about this game for a few pages but I have a lot to be doing so I’ll just say go on Steam and buy it, it’s only $4.99. Really. Just go buy it. Go. Now.

I made a very unlady-like squeal when I saw this.

I made a very unlady-like squeal when I saw this.