Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Review (Originally Posted September 6, 2012)

First and foremost, Leviathan was fun. Combat-wise there wasn’t much new, but that’s not always a bad thing. There were a few tough times (I swear the Ravagers are beefed up) and a few annoying ones, like the final fight.

Where Leviathan shines is the story. If you’ve never played a Mass Effect game or you’re an old veteran what’s revealed in it explains a lot about the universe. Though, I felt they telegraphed it a bit a few times early on.

The combat is nothing new, though it’s hard to change up something that’s already so well done. There were a couple great set pieces, the second ‘arc’ was fairly tense (I swear to the gods they beefed up the Ravagers) and the finale was  a fun fight.

What it adds to the story is important and honestly I wish they’d added it in as part of the main story originally. I started a new character specifically to see what changes it made to the story and there honestly aren’t many. The game’s end has a few new lines of dialogue but other than that there’s not much changed.


To make a short review even shorter, pick up the DLC, play through it and have some fun. It explains one of the missing links in the universe.