The Shortest Review: Marvel Heroes (Originally Posted January 4, 2013)



That single word there is my entire review. I guess I'll explain why  that's my review of it, but honestly, you don't need to read any more of this. Just don't play the game.


Honestly, I'm wondering what all is in that 10gb download of Marvel Heroes that makes it so big. From just the first 25 minutes I played I know it sure isn't character customization, soundtrack, graphics or anything else.  Everything is average at best, utterly boring at worst.

The art direction is flat, cell shaded comic-book style, which honestly just ends up looking like a fan made Diablo retexture than anything else. 

The soundtrack that I did hear was the same short generic loop of guitar, which I'm going to say is safe to say it's probably going to be similar everywhere else. 

The character customization is literally non-existant. You get to choose from one of five Marvel icons when you start, Daredevil, Storm, Scarlet Witch, Thing and Hawkeye. I guess you can unlock skins for them later on, as well as other characters and the like, but that's about it. You don't get a custom character of your own to level, just the premades.

The combat was about as boring as most mediocre hack and slash style MMOs. Though, it felt very floaty. Most of the enemies in the prologue area were melee, so playing as Storm was incredibly annoying, because as soon as you're in range to attack and try to click on an enemy, they're running toward you and you're now moving to where they had been.

After spending FAR too much time with the amazingly lovely Neverwinter, and having spent quite a bit of time with the still solid DC Universe Online, this offering from Marvel is simply boring. It feels half thought out; more a "Me too!" that came a few years too late and never updated itself with the times.