Throwback: Psychonauts (Originally Posted December 18, 2012)

Hey, do I even need to do this? It's Psychonauts. It's one of the best damn games ever made and, in my opinion, the best thing Mr. Shaffer has ever produced.

Back in 2005, when I was but a wee lad of 16, a game was published that I knew nothing about and looked too weird for me to even pick up. I wish I could go back in time and smack myself for that thought.

Psychonauts is a brilliant little game. The controls are tight, the story is actually pretty interesting and the comedy is second only to Portal.

You play as Razputin, a young circus performer who grew up with a family intolerant of psychics. Raz runs away from the circus and attempts to sneak into a training camp for psychic youths and is subsequently caught. The instructors at the camp recognize that he's a powerful, if untrained psychic and allow him to take classes until his parents arrive to take him home. That's where the fun begins...

Psychonauts is a beautiful action platformer with a fairly insane bent and strange take on the human psyche. You'll go into instructors minds and battle their inner demons, collect their emotional baggage and learn to do all kinds of crazy things...with your mind.

In the end, this game should have done far better than it did. It's a great title that no one seemed to buy, but is universally loved by those who did pick it up. Go do yourself a favour and grab it on Steam or XBLA or PSN. It's worth it.