Throwback: Risk of Rain (Originally Posted June 5, 2014)

Here we are again with another pixelated roguelike. And again I am horrible at it. Welcome to Risk of Rain.

You pick your survivor before starting the game; I, of course, only have the Commando unlocked because I'm terrible and can't even finish basic challenges to unlock the other characters. That being said, the Commando is actually pretty rad. Each character has their own set of skills and the starter isn't so bad.

All three of the Commando's damaging skills have pushback on smaller enemies, which is incredibly useful when you have a gang of nine lizardmen all coming at you for some tasty intestine sandwiches.

The most interesting thing about Risk of Rain isn't the art or the combat or enemies, it's the way the game plays. I tried capturing video but my laptop just isn't up to snuff (read: utter shit) and the game dropped from around 60 fps to about 3, so I'll subside on screenshots. See the bar and timer with the difficulty on the top right of the screenshot? That bar slowly fills as time goes on, raising the difficulty. The fun part is deciding how long you want to stay in a level farming for experience and money to buy items from chests and other various things around the map. The longer you stay the more you can get, but the great chance you have of getting horribly murdered.

Of course, when you find the teleporter and activate it a giant boss attacks you. If you DO manage to kill the boss (I've done it once, after farming for 5 minutes and getting stupidly lucky and finding 2 healing drones) you still have to kill all the enemies on screen, which they spawn the entire fight.

After finally slaughtering your way through the teleporter, you're reassembled in another randomly generated map and told to find the next one until. You. Die.

All in all the game is pretty rad. Amazing soundtrack, pretty cool visuals, fun gameplay and some basic but fun mechanics. There's also a co-op mode, but I can't speak to that because I have no friends.

You can get Risk of Rain on Steam for $9.99 or your regional equivalent.

And, as always, here's some of the soundtrack.