Throwback: Teleglitch (Originally Posted May 29, 2014)

Oh! Teleglitch! Such a cute little name, I'm sure it'll be a fun and funny science puzzler in the vein of Portal. Wait...what's the subtitle? "Die More Edition"? Oh...that doesn't sound very cute.

No, Teleglitch: DME is far from cute. It's actually quite terrifying, for an 8-bit-esque roguelike. The top-down shooter from Paradox Interactive and Test3 Projects has an incredibly creepy atmosphere backed up by a lovely, bumpin' soundtrack.

You wake up alone in a room, a 9mm pistol in your hand and a couple bombs in your pockets. You don't know how you got there or where you are, exactly and something There's a dull hum to the world that wasn't there before that wall moving? The air almost seems like it's alive down that hallway. OH FUCK WHAT IS THAT HOLY SHIT SHOOT IT!

The visuals of the game are a mix of 8, 16 and 32-bit, but rendered with depth. The most interesting part are the effects, though. Because of the glitch that landed you in this hell hole, the world seems to be a bit less solid. Every bullet you fire seems to temporarily warp and bend the world around it before snapping back into place. Ripples of explosions radiate out from a bomb and shotguns cause cones of moving space in front of you.

The complex you're in was, in part, experimenting in reanimating necrotic tissue to use as soldiers. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, of course, now you're the only living being in the place with everything from basic zombie soldiers to giant flesh golems trying to kill you. So it's time to shoot, explode, craft and sprint your way through to find a way out before you're eaten alive. (Or just punched and left for dead)

Something a bit interesting are the secret areas in the game that you'll only notice if you're paying attention. The way your vision works is anything that isn't in your direct line of sight is blacked out, and sometimes you'll see small cracks in walls that you can see through. Unload a few rounds into them and voila, you may have just found a cache of food, guns, explosives or ammo. Or just empty cans, that's happened before.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm bad at this game, I don't think I've gotten past level 3. It's not kind and I'm a horrible shot, which means the already kinda scarce ammo is even moreso for me. That being said I do have a ton of fun with it and would definitely recommend picking it up. It's on Steam for $12.99 (or your regional equivalent)

I'll leave you with a taste of the soundtrack, cause it really is just awesome.