Torchlight 2 (Originally Posted October 8, 2012)

I made a grave grave mistake with Torchlight 2, one that completely coloured my opinion of the game early on and is just now being rectified, which is why this review hasn’t gone up.

Usually with games I’ll do a speed run on normal difficulty. I can get a decent sense of the gameplay and still make it through fast. This was completely wrong to do with Torchlight 2. I should have been playing on Veteran difficulty from the beginning. Here’s why:

Unless you’re completely new to dungeon crawlers, Normal difficulty or below on Torchlight 2 (can I just say TL2 from now on?) is incredibly boring. I played the majority of the way through the game on it and found myself as bored as I was at about the same amount into the story as the first game. It seemed repetitive and the combat felt a bit flat. This is because that difficulty is built for people completely new to Torchlight or maybe even dungeon crawlers in general. On the advice of Tycho of Penny Arcade I went back and started the game on Veteran.

Wow. I mean, wow. It completely changed the game for me. For once I was actually fishing, trying to find the big versions of fish, the rare ones, things to make my pet a bit sturdier in battle. I was carefully reading each of the skills as they unlocked, going with the best for what I needed and I was actually using them! I wasn’t just spamming a single skill (With my Engineer that would have been the starting skill, Flame Hammer) anymore, I was finding which one fit the fight.

Overall I’d say everything about Torchlight has been improved in this iteration. The graphics, the music, the skill trees, the pet mechanics (Oh my god you have no idea how much adding in the pet’s ability to buy things changes that game) the combat, the story, everything. Honestly, my only issue with the game now that I’m playing on Veteran is with a small aspect of the story, which is I guess personal to me, but it’s a little bit of a spoiler so I won’t say anything. Instead I’ll leave you with a few screenshots and tell you to go buy this game. It’s only $20 on Steam. Go, get it now.