Fuck Is This Friday: Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble

Well hello everyone! Finally back to doing things again. The winter doldrums have begun to lift (as have all of the things that come with holidays) and we finally have some time to record again. That means that Fuck is This Friday is back and this week we're all about flappers, cigarettes and blackmailing a school nurse with Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble.

Don't know what FiTF is? Well, wouldn't expect you to. We find a game in my fairly substantial Steam library that I can't remember buying or playing or one that doesn't have play time and we play a bit for our initial reactions. Sometimes the games are good, sometimes not so much. 

I won't review DHSGiT because I've only played 25 minutes, but from what I did play it's quirky and fun. That being said, no matter what, it's not worth the price tag of $20. It's cute but limited, and unless something opens up later in the game, it seemed fairly repetative.


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