(Late) Thoughts on Evoland

So, Evoland was an interesting little ride through the history of action RPGs. That's about all, though. It's a little game full of ideas that are plagued with clunky mechanics, some bugs and a rushed feel.

Overall the game looks great as you go from 8 bit to 16, to low poly models, to HD ones. The overall look and feel of the game is very Final Fantasy/Legend of Zelda with bits of Diablo thrown in.

If done a bit better it would have been a great experience, but aside from the nostalgia it kinda fell flat. Puzzles weren’t that well thought out, none of the combat felt exceptionally wonderful, probably because they tried to include every kind imaginable outside of being an FPS. The movement was sometimes strange in 3D and the camera wasn’t always the greatest.

My two biggest problems were the Diablo part and the final boss. The game’s fairly polished Zelda-like combat and Final Fantasy combat made the attempt at a dungeon crawler feel extremely out of place. I ended up having to resort to cheesing the boss of the Diablo area by hiding on the other side of a gravestone.

The final boss was a strange attempt at making a side scrolling fight that just felt odd. Nothing you’d done up to that point mattered as you had 1 attack you could just spam while running around attempting to avoid getting hit. Nothing was explained and eventually took me quite a lot of trial and error just to finish it.

The game was alright. It wasn’t great, but I’ve played worse and Evoland 2 is looking like it’s going to be much better. Here’s hoping.


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