Red Chili and Cilantro Chicken Tacos

I made these while on near zero spoons and without much in the refrigerator. It's short and easy for days where you want something decent tasting and not fried. You'll need:

Chicken. Store bought precooked (what I used) or two medium chicken breasts

Red chili paste


Shredded lettuce


Sour cream

Diced onion

Taco shells


Dice your chicken breasts and place them in a pan on medium heat.


When the chicken is nearly done cooking, about 5 minutes, mix in two (2) tablespoons of the red chili paste and cilantro to taste.


When it's nearly done, another two (2) minutes or so, mix in your diced onion and cook for another minute.


Fill your tacos and add the rest as you like.

Cooking time is about 8 minutes, prep time depends on what you use.


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