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Have you ever thought about how you stand while you lock a door on your way out? Or where your hands go when you're not paying attention to them? Or what you do with your legs while you sit down? Or how about getting into a car?  Or how your fingers are placed on a counter when you lean against it? Or the myriad other ways your body just does things when you're not paying attention?

These are the main problems I'm running into while I attempt to continue Dead. I've spent the last year studying from tutorials and reference and photos, but never had a chance to just sit back and draw people doing things; as a result my art is extremely stiff which I can't stand which is why I haven't posted the next page of Dead yet. I've gotten it done three times and scrapped each one.

I guess it's just something that'll get better over time and as I get more time to practice? I don't know but I need to get this page done, so if the art seems a bit off still, sorry. It'll get better, promise.