It's Been a Fun Filled Month

Alright, so first off sorry for not posting a damn thing the last month. My work schedule got messed up because the only other guy who can do overnights got suspended for a few days so I was covering his shifts as well.

Outside of that I've been a bit consumed with ME3 multiplayer and Minecraft. I know it's been out forever but I think I'm going to review MC for the 360, cause it's actually really fun and more people should play it.

I also got extremely tired of my former boss's bullshit and dealing with an uncertain schedule, my checks being fucked with and all the other shit that was going on there, so I quit. Luckily I had a replacement job that night. I don't start till Wednesday, so I'm going to use these next 4 days to really work on some stuff and get back into the groove of drawing and writing.

Some other stuff I'm not going to get into also happened, so my mind hasn't been quite in a creative place the last week or so, but that's finally clearing up.

But, yes, have a half finished maybe-panel thingamajig of Julia. Yup, I'm back with a vengeance motherfuckers.