I Hate Working

No, this isn't a post complaining about my job, or a post about wanting to just do nothing at all with my life and wishing I could lay around the house. This is a post about how I hate how the employment and financial system works in the world.

Here we go:

I hate working, I absolutely despise it on every level. I hate spending 8.5 to sometimes 11 hours (if I include travel time in there) working for someone else. I hate that in those 8+ hours per day a business that I work for makes magnitudes more than what my entire paycheck will be. I hate that I get home, sleep for an almost decent amount of time and have only a few hours left before having to go back and do it again.

Spending that time, getting paid a fraction of what the business makes and not having much time for myself just seems wrong. On a fundamental, primal level it feels abnormal. I would much rather be spending my time drawing, writing, making some sort of content, improving the craft that I want to go into, finding ways to monetize that craft. Instead I'm shoving it to the side, only giving myself a few hours a day to it, which means I lag behind, I forget things, I don't improve.

Looking at my art from the months before I started working until now I feel I've gotten worse. Far far worse. My anatomy is slipping, my colours are lazy, features are starting to look the same, I'm forgetting how to draw my own characters. I have gotten nothing substantial done in two months, let alone improved at all. All because I'm spending my time behind a counter or mopping floors and dealing with drunks or drug addicts all night.

I am more than thankful to have a job. I appreciate the fact that there are a lot of people out there who don't have work, up until this past year I was one of them. But, I hate the fact that I, or even the collective of society, has to do jobs that aren't in their passion. Yes, there are plenty of people who enjoy their work and plenty who do the things they're passionate about, but there are far far more who are stuck in dead-end jobs going through the motions of their day, every day.

I spent most of the night thinking about this and it's done nothing but give me more of a drive to work on Dead, try to get SSP started as a real company and to find a way to make money doing what I actually want to do and not spend my time making money for someone else.

Anyway, I have a comic to draw and 38 hours before I have to be back to work. G'bye.


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