New Hires

So, I was about to go to sleep last night, and as soon as my head hit the pillow, a light went on. As always. I thought about the fact that I was making a little more money with this job, a few more hours and all that, and I thought about how much I really do need to just give myself a kick in the ass to get working on things again. So, I decided I was going to do something I've never done before, I was going to hire some people to work for me.

You've seen Nil's work in his own section of the site with his general artwork and the now defunct (but I'm going to keep it around in case he decides not to be a butt) Grave Priority. Nil has now been hired as one of the artists of Dead, he'll be helping me with the line work of the comic as well as some concept art.

The other hire is my dear friend Jesse, who I just posted a bit of our combined sketching on my blob over here. She'll be helping with the layout, panel structure and pencils for the comic.

Essentially what this means is that Dead will finally start updating at a semi-regular rate instead of one page every fiscal quarter and will have a slightly different art style, not that you had a ton of the previous to get used to. These should both be for the better.

That's about it for now. Look for new pages of Dead, The Comic, in the coming weeks. Not months. Or years. Weeks.


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