The Best and Worst

Work was interesting to say the least. A few hours after I got there a woman walked in, she was crying, her face was bruised and bleeding, her knee was bandaged, her clothes were covered in blood...I asked her if she needed me to call anyone, she simply said "Just left the hospital, this is what happens when you have a shitty boyfriend." All I could think was how much I wanted to hunt whoever this fuck was down and do to him ten times what he'd done to her.

I don't understand someone who can do that, I don't get how you can think it's completely okay to beat the living hell out of someone you 'love'. What is it in their brain that is

But, I can't focus on that, being angry won't do anything to help anyone's day, let alone my own. Something else that was very good happened as well. One of my regulars, a woman who's name I've never gotten, told me that she found a bike in her backyard for me as well as to go into one of the wood mills in town and apply and she'd attempt to get me hired on there for 14 an hour. 

I've met some pretty great people over the time I've worked here, and I've met some terrible people.

Anyway, my morning ramble is done, I'll see you later. Hopefully with a new page of Dead.

My view coming out of work this morning.


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