Lot's Of Things Happening

o, this week has been pretty busy, hence why I haven't posted anything much. Pat, the firefighter I talked about in my first post stopped back in last Friday, we discussed the merits of living in small towns, college and following your dreams for work. He really is a good guy, genuinley in a good mood each time I see him.

I paid for a guy's cab ride because he was stranded fter leaving the hospital, met and flirted (a lot) with a girl, got her phone number...I really should text her at some point. Uh, got paid, bought some clothes that I needed, had the car run out of gas magically across the street from a gas station so that was lucky. Sent money to someone because they had their bank screw them over, which I know how that feels.

I also realized I like anonymously helping people in some way or other. Not because it makes me feel like a good person or anything, because I'm not, but because it feels like I'm starting to pay back all the people who've helped me over the years. There's one in particular I need to actually pay back, but there's been so many to help me out and I have no way of even knowing how to contact a lot of them anymore, so I'll do what I can, small things, to help other people out.

Had three customers tell me I should be in radio or voice acting...in one day. The few followers I have on tumblr agre that I should so I guess that's a thing I'm going to start dabbling in? A friend and I are working on doing some dubs f a comic just for the hell of it, so we'll see what happens.

Oh, almost finished with the next page of Dead, been in an art slump of maddening hell as of late but I've at least been sketching again. Now that I dont' have any major releases (that I'm covering at least) for the next month or so I should be good. I'd better build a buffer for November though. Uh, well, this has been another rambling post about nothing important.


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