I Got Really Bored at Work

As of writing this I'm sitting behind the counter at work. I've met quite a few interesting people tonight, seen plenty of regulars. I met a couple who's moving from L.A. to Albuquerque, gave them free coffee cause they'd been up for almost 30 hours. A guy who seemed a bit down on his luck came in three times and bought 40's of Miller, seemed like it was the only thing he had to comfort him. A girl who stayed and talked to me for a while because she was bored, we shared a bag of chips and discussed what we wanted to do later in life. I never got her name. A man raged for a while about the $.35 debit fee, he apologized afterward.

This whole time I've been making coffee, cooking shitty burgers and corn dogs and sitting on a stepstool behind the counter, working on Dead. People are interesting, I meet a few dozen every night, some on their way to Nebraska or California or Florida or wherever. I've met people from New Zealand, England, Denmark, and Canada. It's interesting, working in this little corner gas station with its shitty ceiling and broken pumps and apathetic owners. Even the homeless who gather around the store at night, the drug addicts who take over the bathroom or dumpster out back, the drunks coming in for their last beer before stumbling home, all of them are fascinating to watch. I just met a great guy named Pat who's a firefight for L.A. county but drives there from Tuscon every week. We talked about different cities and places to check out, talked about the insanity that is being a firefighter in L.A. and how terrible some people can be. I hope I see him again, he's really nice.

This is a perfect job to learn what people are like, any service industry job is. You can get a real feel for who people treat each other; which, for me, is perfect for working on Dead. I've been having real trouble with the background noise, the 'unimportant' people in the background having various things happen. I've been focusing too much on the main characters in my head and not enough on making a world around them as well.

Hmm, well, I'm rambling I think I'm gonna go back to sketching out panels and baking donuts.