Oh. It's You...Hi. How've You Been?

Well hello, it's only been a couple months again. I really am the worst person on the planet about updating things lately and I'm sorry about that. A LOT has been happening, so I'll get down to it.

One, sorry Dead is...dead....and Sky has gone silent for the last few months. A LOT of things have happened lately and I've had to take care of some things.

Two weeks ago I moved from just outside of Houston, Texas all the way up north to Tacoma, Washington. I'm currently looking for work now (And running out of time) since the transfer for my job fell through (If you wanna maybe help out with that check this link out) so I have some free time to get things going again while I look for a new job.

And another big things is...well I'm coming out. Hi everyone, my name is Gabby and I'm a girl. Yeah, I wouldn't make a big deal about this normally but I'm not gonna continue posting as Gabe; I'm trans and I'll be going by Gabby from now on. If that's a problem for any of the (what 3?) readers/listeners/visitors then I guess I'll see you around. This'll be the last I mention of it on here but yeah, that's out of the way.

Now! On to art things! Just below is a little concept art for a character I've had floating in my head the last few months. I still haven't given her a name or much anything else, but I DO know how she'll be used and when she'll appear in Sky (sooner than you think) and I like her quite a bit.


The one right above is just from my little stint playing Guild Wars 2 for hours on end. Wow that game is actually really fun and really well done I had to quit cause I was going to lose my life to it...but I'll be back. Just a random head sketch of one of my characters.


And that would be a medic from Team Fortress two that I roleplay with. Yes, I am a gigantic nerd and I don't care. He's actually an adaptation of a character that will ALSO be appearing in Sky soon. But, nothing like him, really.

Anyway, that's all for now. Expect some new things soon and 2014 to be a big year for SSP. Gonna be a good time. Oh, and have a good whatever-holiday-is-your's this year and have a good new year. Be safe out there.


Trans woman who does stuff all over the internet.