Victoria and Plato

I though, since the comic is semi-impending, I'd talk about the characters in it in a non-spoilery fashion. So, first I'll start with Victoria.


Victoria Sinclaire is a normally shy creature. She grew up in a foster home until she was old enough to start working and moved out. After a few under the table jobs she got hired as an Exterminator in a small branch in Queens. She was transferred to the Hoboken branch shortly after, where she met and started a relationship with Julia Clark.

Victoria doesn't do well in large groups or around authority figures and usually leaves the talking to Julia when on assignment. She also has a slight stutter.

She also absolutely hates being called Vicky or Vic, as well as being asked about her hair, which is naturally blonde.

Outside of fairly extensive training with firearms, she's adept in hand to hand fighting (mostly from bar and street fights growing up). She also had a snake spirit bound to her right arm when she joined the Exterminators, which is wholly sentient and nearly impossible for her to control.

Luckily for her, Plato seems to have become attached for her over the years they've been bound and does its best to protect her when needed, if he's in the right mood. Its essence is made of pure heat energy, though not technically fire. Victoria has a modecum of control over the energy directly around her arms allowing to her to use Plato as weapons in a fist fight.

That's about all the boring exposition about her character, here's some art of her over the development of the story from the past couple years.