More Other Things Than Dead

Okay, I admit it, I'm kinda horrible at all this. Sorry about the lack of updates the last two weeks, to the few people who read the comic. Things have been more than a little hectic with interviews and stuff, on top of some really bad anxiety and a lack of nibs for my stylus (yay I lost like $20 of them when I moved from Arizona). So, as soon as some replacement ones get there I'll have a new page done asap.

As for Sky, I've finally got it how I want it and locked in the outline, so I'll begin recording as soon as I can get some extra time to (which will hopefully be this evening, if the birds shut up) and have that posted this week.

In the mean time have a shitty thumbnail for the first panel of page 3 as a horrible apology.

Page 3 Panel 1.png