Another Half Year Another Blog Entry

I forget to write these things, a lot. Hi everyone, Gabby back with another bit of news that honestly doesn't have a huge affect on anything.

So, first off sorry for the lack of anything on the site. The holidays, move, and life kinda made it so that doing serious work wasn't really an option. Add in my own crushing winter depression and stuff kinda just went to hell for a while. But, we're back now and have a lot of new things starting back up or beginning.

First off, Dead will return soon. It's been forever but school took a real toll on Max and pages had to take a back seat to everything else, understandably.

The Hunted will be back shortly as well, I've been writing it again and slowly working on getting everything ready to record and start posting again. May change the format one last time.

Two other projects will be starting, hopefully, soon. Both of them art based and both collaborations with other people. (Sagie and Vann)

Percentages will be starting up again, hopefully on the 25th, with a completely new format and a bunch of new hosts (okay 2 but still) and also will be livestreamed! Details on that as soon as it starts.

Also, a few new video projects will be starting up on the SSP youtube. First off, the 11th was the start of Max and I playing Minecraft together, it might not always be us, but we'll try to be as consistent with it as we can. We also started a new show called "One Hour to Impress" where we play a game we've never played before and don't really know much about for one hour and decide if it's impressed us enough to continue or not. The first episode is Ascendant, a gorgeous looking rogue-lite beat 'em up.

Other than that there's other things we're trying to figure out starting, but those don't really matter just yet.

Also, I haven't really made a post about it, but I'm now doing let's play stuff over on my own youtube channel as well, right here. Currently doing a playthrough of Sleeping Dogs (since I missed playing it back when it came out) and Guild Wars 2 as a Warrior. Also doing a show called Fuck Is This..? on Fridays where a friend and I go through my Steam library and find something I can't remember buying and play it for the first time. 


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