Just Over A Month

Well hello there. It's been a month, thought I should update this. I should be in bed right now, honestly, so I don't know why I'm not saving this for later, but fuck it, y'know?

So it's been an alright month. I've been steadily working on Hunted, got a bit more done on Dead, got some stuff done for podcast stuff, just replaced the shit modem so we can stream and I started working on a TWINE game. I've also met some really rad people, and got in touch again with some old friends, so all in all this has been a pretty nice month.

So in terms of actual work and stuff, been cranking out videos over on ReV's, currently playing Banner Saga and Deer God. Banner Saga is...interesting. It's gorgeously animated, the soundwork is subtle and really well done and the story is really engrossing so far, but it's very very slow paced. It's meant to be a true saga, and I can respect that. It's also fucking stressful and fuck, so that's a thing.

The Deer God is also interesting; mostly in that it's very beautiful and I still feel like I don't know a damn thing about what I'm doing in that game. You pretty much just run right and do simple tasks for people, all while trying not to die. I dunno, we'll see how it goes.

As for Dead work, I streamed drawing for a while a few days ago, getting work on the next page done.

Vann and I have also been working on doing some redesigns to characters because, well, when I made them I knew pretty much nothing about framing, patterns and basic design.

So Clem's look is going through a bit of an overhaul right now, and we'll eventually go through everyone.


I think I mentioned it before, but I started another podcast just about gaming news called The Backlog which I'm trying to get better about recording regularly.

Another part of Hunted went up recently as well and I tried to go for a little bit more of a radio play vibe for it? I don't know, I'll keep refining it.

There's a ton of stuff that I, Vann, Eli and Max have been doing lately and we're doing our best to get more done. Percentages will hopefully be back regularly once school settles for Max and we're going to try to do weekly livestreams starting this or next week. (Art/podcasts first and games starting in May). Dead is still on a it'll-be-posted-when-it's-posted thing because of the amount of time it takes and how much Max has to get done with school. Hunted will continue to attempt to post more than once every three months, and hopefully I'll have an update about that TWINE game soon. Uh, that's about all for now. I should have been to sleep a while back so I'm gonna do that. G'night, everyone.


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