You're Pretty Good.

Megan Fisher. She passed away in a car accident when Clem was five, prompting Jack to retire and open the bar. I didn't want to change her design much, honestly. I think the original was pretty good for what I was going for her with, which is an unstable ghost not quite tied to this world.

There was a point that you could see her skeleton as well but I found it to be a little too confusing for this style, so I scrapped that. There was also a point where she looked more "glitched" than "torn" which made her look like a hologram so that was scrapped as well.

If you'd like to watch me draw her there's a video right here.


She. They're the second biggest departure from the original design, easily. Their design and personality have gone through a bunch of changes. Their basic story is still the same; abused, homeless person with mental disabilities in their early 20s, but now instead of some convoluted arc with an amulet and a million other ridiculous anime-esque things they just gets super powers. I mean, there's a reason for it, of course but that's spoilers. Now though, I want to go more into some of my own mental disabilities with them; anxiety, depression, bpd, and ptsd among a few others.

Physically I wanted them to be similar to their original, but with a more unique look. Their body type is the same, but the tattoo sleeve is new, they're wearing a battle jacket now, their hair is the same, though they've lost the fairy tail and their eyes aren't constantly burning. I wanted them to look far more punk and a bit street rat, but with a hint at it being recent, like they had a home they had to leave in a hurry.

They used to be a throwaway character that I wanted to have in one arc of the story and then be done with them, but they've developed into more of an integral part of the story in my head, so hopefully I'll be able to put that across.

If you'd like to watch me draw them there's a video here.


Seven. Seven is one that I wasn't sure what to change, honestly. My notes for them were simply "bulkier but still shaped like a friend" and that's what I tried to do. I still wanted him to be a little damaged, and I might go add a few more broken bits here and there later on when I find them to fit well, but for now their design is largely unchanged, much the same way as Megan.

I did want to give the impression that the bronze armor on the outside is more a shell than their actual body though, you can see bits of their internal structure showing from their head and shoulders.

They still only have three fingers and two toes, slightly elongated limbs and a wide torso. They're also massive compared to everyone else, in the group standing roughly at 7'3" with the next tallest being Nathan at 6'5" (which he's next on the list to draw and will be in the final batch.)

If you'd like to watch me draw them there's a video here.


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