The June Update

Hey, so things have been super weird lately, huh? I moved in May and been job hunting for a while. I finally have something stable, working full time, so I'll have things all set up and ready to go in the next couple months.

Kit and I are both working on things together to show off, but with everything that's been going on it's been slow, outside of just the normal mental illness blocks.

I at least drew something!

I just really liked Night in the Woods a lot and I really adore Mae so I kinda had to draw her.

Once Kit's back from Glastonbury we're gonna get to work on all the stuff we want to do.

I've put some real work into Hunted again and been rewrite Dead over the last couple months. We didn't want to put out Static until we were done with it and we weren't happy with where it was so we're going to keep working on it until we're happy.

We've got a couple podcasts that we want to do resurrect and some Patreon only things we want to do, including a couple LPs and a podcast as well as a video series. We've got a bunch of stuff we want to do and the only thing stopping us right now is time.

We'll hopefully have some things rolling soon!


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