About 76,000 Words

Hey there, been a while. It’s been a bad year, if I’m gonna be honest. Back in March I was hit by a car and messed up my leg. After finally being able to go back to work, seven weeks later, my job started becoming extremely stressful due to harassment from a manager that upper management refuses to resolve and general bullshit from customers. The last month in particular have had me extremely frayed, which is why we haven’t been doing anything with the channel. It’s been a rough time, but during that I started taking more photos. I had to get a new phone after the accident and ended up with a Pixel 3a. It takes really amazing photos so I’ve wanted to take more pictures, which is slowly getting me out of the house more.

Outside of that we’ll be getting back to the channel soon. I’ve got some recording to do once it’s not 90f+ out and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled trashfire. Anyway, here’s 76 pictures I’ve taken in the last month or so.


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