So, uh, hi.

Been forever since I made a post here. Or anywhere really. How's everyone been? Good? Good. Things have been pretty hectic as of late. Lot's of moving, planning moving, working, more working, and a bunch of other things. I've barely had any time for creative pursuits, I apologize. 

I can't promise I'll be posting Sky in a timely manner all things considered, I'm a wee bit violently ill right now and I work 9 of the next 10 days, I believe.  But I'll attempt to record it as soon as I can. Dead limbo right now. I'm still incredibly unsure of myself as an artist, but far more comfortable as a writer so Dead may turn into something else until such a time that I feel I can draw it and not hate every line in the page.

Enough about all that though, here's some art from yesterday. I'm not sure who she is or what she's from. I think I have a place for her in Sky, but I'm not quite positive yet.