Kept You Waiting, Huh?

Before we get to it, this post is gonna be NSFW cause of drawings of naked people so if you're okay with that keep on goin'. I'm going to talk about five of the cast from Dead and their designs since that's been most of what I've been thinking about lately.


First up is Julia Clarke, my fuzzy baby. Hunter for the Exterminators, she usually likes to get in close since a lot of the things they're supposed to be killing have to be stabbed or cut apart just right with a specific implement. This leads to some extra danger since most of the things they're killing are also natural predators for humans.

I wanted to keep close to her previous design but also show off the fact that she's a lot more beat up from work than I had been. Remove a nipple here, an arm there, add some scars...everywhere. I've already talked about this before with her and Victoria, but I really wanted to convey that more in her 'finalized' design. (I really hope I'm done making changes...)

I also wanted to incorporate circles into her design and add a touch of colour for her. She's a bit soft and round and thought that'd fit her. I wanted to keep her a bit stronger looking but chubby, she doesn't spend a lot of time working on core strength, more relying on her arms and legs to put force behind swings and blows.

She lost her arm to a werewolf and though it was cut off before the infection could spread she still gained some features. Mainly her canines getting a bit bigger and her hair sticking out on the sides a little bit like ears. The body hair was already there beforehand.

I can't let go of the hair colour, honestly. Though the length will definitely be changed due to some events later on. Long hair doesn't make sense for someone who has to get right up close to people.

If you want to watch me draw her it's right here.


Victoria Sinclaire. She's changed quite a lot, even since the last time I showed her off. 

I kinda wanted her hair to look a bit more unkempt, a little like a wet dog. She has a septum piercing, pierced nipples and ear cuffs. Her clothes are nearly the same except for a slight change in colour. The biggest changes are her tattoos, which have some symbolism to her and the story but that'll be gone to in the story itself.

I wanted more than just battle stars on her, the one down her chest being from a surgery when she was younger instead. I wanted her body shape to convey that she takes things a liiiittle more seriously than Julia, but still is kinda lax with things, hence the slight belly. Since guns are her thing she wouldn't be getting nearly as close as her fiance, so she'd be a little less scarred up, but still it's not as if everything has claws. Sometimes they spit acid, or sometimes it's just a dick with a gun.

I wanted to incorporate triangles into her design but couldn't find a way that would seem natural or fitting like with Julia, though the hair and her general body shape are good enough for that.

There's a video of me drawing her here.


Up next is Clementine Fisher. I think she's gone through some of the most drastic changes so far between hair, body type, gender and everything else.

Back when I started working on Dead I hadn't come out yet, hell I was still kinda in denial. I hadn't considered representation or the things I wanted out of my own story. Now that I have I realized that I want trans characters and Clem was the first candidate on the list.

I definitely wanted her to be softer and rounder, partially because that's what HRT does to you, but also because she's not an incredibly active person. She hangs out behind the bar and talks to people and gets them drinks. She's not bussing tables or waiting, she's not out fighting monsters, she's hanging out and showing some cleavage in the hopes of some better tips (and to laugh at all the straight guys ogling her without knowing).

She'll have her fair share of scars but I wanted the new designs to be of their first moments in the story, not their final. Things will change over time but this is how she is when it all begins; a tired trans girl who just wants to make enough money to live. 

If you want to watch me draw her you can right here.


With Kleine I wanted to do a lot different. They'd always been a hodgepodge of parts but that didn't quite come through before so now it's slightly different sizes and lengths with extra bits thrown in. Mismatched toes (they have to large toes on their right foot) and different length and weight arms, their right hand has 6 fingers, one of them obviously different than the rest. The scars are more in line with an autopsy, along with the different skin tones of each part that's connected.

They wear baggy clothes and just a regular mask now (finally got those last Psycho Mantis bits out of me). The baggie clothes are more for their comfort than anything, sensory issues and all, the mask is so that no one they might have known before dying, being chopped up, and then stuck back together might recognize them; not that they go outside all that often anyway.

If you want to watch me draw them here you go.


Finally, for this set anyway, we have Jack Fisher. Clementine's father and owner of The Haunt, the bar they both work at. Jack is an ex mob enforcer who was allowed to retire after his wife was killed in a car accident when Clementine was five. He still keeps in contact with the family and passes information along to them from time to time, but otherwise he's a perfectly legitimate and clean businessman.

He's got a few scars from his previous profession, mostly knife wounds on his hands and forearms with a nice scar in his shoulder to remind him that not everyone carries a shotgun.

He spends most of his time worrying about Clem and trying to make sure The Haunt doesn't go under. It usually stays in the black (thanks to Clem) but doesn't doesn't mean things are always going super well.

He tries to stay 'hip' but fails most of the time, spending a lot of time looking like a 50's greaser instead of anyone remotely from current culture. Even still, he's more than willing to listen to anyone's problems and give them a drink to help comfort them, or to forget.

If you want to watch me draw him there's a video here.

For the hell of it, here's all their heights compared to each other.


So after seeing Bana's new comic project I decided to try my hand in pixel art. I kinda like it. Still have to work on more than one pose and backgrounds and stuff, but I think Jules and Victoria look good like that. Hmmm.


There's not much to say about Kleine. They don't speak, they aren't ever seen eating, they're covered in scars and they have two tentacles coming from their back.

Kleine is a circus performer. Part of an acrobatics act and sideshow. They become very attached to anyone who shows them even the slightest kindness, which may be how ze was originally brought into the troupe. Ze is very shy and tends to avoid people whenever possible. They also have never been seen without their gas mask and clothing of some sort, so their facial features and gender are unknown.

Kleine's tentacles are extremely strong and sensitive. They can cling to a ceiling or wall with them, lift objects that would normally be too heavy, and use them as a second pair of arms. They also, possibly, act as their eyes. Kleine feels around with them constantly, moving them in whatever direction they are walking, or noise is coming from.

Since they either can't or refuse to speak, no one knows Kleine's real name or where they came from. Their name was given to them by one of the circus performers because of their size.