World Building Episode 02

This Week's Questions:

1) Are there any religions left and what would they be like? Will we meet believers?
2) Your characters have flaws. Which flaws are your favorite ones? Pick any six or more. 
3) Will we see more of the city ships involving into ground-side matters? You should draw a city ship for us. 
4) What do your characters dream of? Pick any three or more. 
5) Do you listen to music when you write and if yes, give us an example of a song versus a scene. 
6) How will different shifting seasons show in the story? Do different seasons affect the city-ships at all?
7) Have you thought about the funeral process in your world? What about other ceremonial happenings like weddings or comings of age? Tell us about traditional flavours and of their importance.
8) What do you do to keep motivated? 
9) What do you do to help you come up with new ideas for your work?

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