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World Building Episode 01

This week's questions:

1) They say writers put parts of themselves in their work, which two of your characters do you think resemble you the most and why?

2) What was your inspiration for the post flood apocalypse world?

3) Are there any working rail networks in this world and will we hear any locomotives in future chapters?

4) So how does the runner's vapor engine work? Best psuedo-science answer please. 

5) Are there plans for any British characters or plot lines in the future?

6) Why did you decide to Vann and Eli help voice their characters? 

7) Characters running from their past seems a reoccurring theme, what are your feelings on that?

8) Will we hear anymore about the nameless rescuer who saved the girls form the pats, despite the fact he is dead? I love how every character links to another in a different plot line, he seems the only loose end thus far.

Thanks to Rupert for submitting questions this week.

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